“I break their noses…”


AUDIO Clip A short clip of highlights from the “Fathers & Fighting” 
sermon preached by Mark Driscoll on September 30, 2007, just before
he walked off stage to fire and threaten Bent Meyer and Paul Petry.

The New York Times: 

Driscoll has little patience for dissent. In 2007, two elders protested a plan to reorganize the church that, according to critics, consolidated power in the hands of Driscoll and his closest aides. Driscoll told the congregation that he asked advice on how to handle stubborn subordinates from a “mixed martial artist and Ultimate Fighter, good guy” who attends Mars Hill. “His answer was brilliant,” Driscoll reported. “He said, ‘I break their nose.’” When one of the renegade elders refused to repent, the church leadership ordered members to shun him. One member complained on an online message board and instantly found his membership privileges suspended. “They are sinning through questioning,” Driscoll preached.

The New York Times, Molly Worthen, Who Would Jesus Smackdown?, January 6, 2009